Thursday, April 16, 2009

A Little DeJaVue

Many years ago when "Uncle Slim" was still alive, he acquired some baby guinea hens and peacocks. We watched them grow and become interesting "pets". Because it was impossible to keep them caged in they visited the neighbors frequently. I began to hear complaints of the mess and sometimes destruction they would leave in their wake. When I related these complaints to Slim his reply was, "What's the problem, we live in the country." This unfortunately didn't work for the neighbors. So------sadly the now grown birds were relocated to a place with not so many neighbors. Now more than 20 years later there are once again peacocks and guinea hens in our neighborhood. They don't belong to us but they do spend a great deal of time on our property (and roof). They love the cat food we put out for the cat and they love driving our dogs crazy as they, the peacocks, traipse around on our roof. these birds have been around for a few years now. The neighbors that were bothered by them have been gone longer. The other day a neighbor came by to talk to me about the "birds". It gave me great pleasure to say, "Oh, they don't belong to us, they just spend a lot of time here."

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