Thursday, January 8, 2009

Happy New Year!!! Since I haven't done a post since January of 2008 I thought I would do a year in review. Then maybe I will be able to keep this up to date.

This is how Reed worked on closing out 2007. Actually this was Christmas day.

When I put my post together last year I didn't have a current photo of Adam and the kids. It took me a while to get them to sit still for this photo------then I didn't get it posted.

February: Reed and I had a little get away in February and went to Carmel. It was lovely just to walk around and eat and be aimless.

I decided to take this handsome guy with me for the getaway!!!

March: Jess and Cat and family were supposed to come to our house to celebrate Jess's 31st birthday.

Turned out Jess was sick-----so we took the party to him. He looks really excited about that.
I have made an ice cream cake for Jess's birthday since he was 10. Chocolate cake and mint and chip ice cream------always. Since his birthday is on St. Patricks day I have to be sure to get the mint and chip ice cream before it sells out.

May: Another birthday----we have lots of them in this family. Reed's birthday is May 28th and Michael's is May 29th so they often celebrate together.

This is Reed the day of the celebration-------he certainly looks festive. We did give him presents too.

June: Another birthday boy. Logan on his 6th birthday. Those dimples are almost edible.

This is Logan's cake but all the guys are excited. Good work Cat----some race track!!!


This was the beginning of an exciting day. Braces are going to come off in an hour. I haven't gotten the "take my own picture" thing down.

Later the same day-------braces off. This was the first, actually second, stage of getting my Grill fixed. Wade is in charge of the last stage, and is doing a great job.

This is how some of the guys do the beach.

July: The girls decided to help me celebrate my 65th birthday with a trip to Las Vegas. I had a business meeting so the girls went with me. Cara flew to California then Bille, Cara and I drove to Las Vegas. Elizabeth flew into Vegas with Devan and we spent Thursday, Friday and Saturday together playing. The girls played while I was in meetings-----we all played when I wasn't.

I really was there but the only picture I had of me was not going to make to this site. Cute aren't they.

July: We were at Cara and Doug's for Clint's baptism. When I went through my photos I could not find one of Clint----how sad is that?!?
Nikki Pilling

Max Pilling - such a happy boy, probably thinking about the tooth fairy.

In case you didn't get it the first time.

Whitney Pilling. Say cheese.

Devan Pilling. No wonder I can't stop kissing her.

August: Adam's birthday. His birthday "cake" is cheese cake. Didn't want to melt the cake so we did the token candles.

August: Ariel came to California for a visit. These two don't get a lot of time together----they had a good time. Grandma enjoys being with them. One day they got on the train in San Jose and went to visit Mike and Bille in San Francisco.

August 17th: Kadance Grandy's birthday. After those three adorable boys we now have an adorable girl.

August: Grandma takes a couple of the boys to the beach. We had great weather and plenty of sand. You should have seen my car afterword.

September: A trip to Louisville, Kentucy. Reed was Wade's "case" for a dental seminar. Elizabeth and I decided to tag along for the fun of it. We did have fun. This huge mirror was outside of the Louisville Discovery Center.

I don't remember what this is but its cute. Dont you love those pjs?

Novembeer: November 8th was Kadance's blessing day. She wore the same christening gown her mother wore. She is so sweet. She has the trademark dimple on her chin.

December: Alex's 13th birthday. Enciladas and chocolate pie. Alex got her braces on in November------I can sympathize.

December: The weather started to turn quite cold (for Morgan Hill) and this dog doesn't have enough fur. So I decided to make him a sweater. In the holiday issure of Martha Stewart there was an article about making things out of felted wool. I had purchased some used sweaters at the DI and washed them until they we felted with the intention of making some cute stuffed toys. The toys aren't finished yet but I got the bright idea of making a sweater of Gizz (short for Gizzmo). It was easy. I just cut a sleeve off, used the cuff for the turtle neck and cut holes for his front legs. I rolled the sweater up because it was too long. For what should be obvious reasons I didn't make holes for the back legs. The neat thing about the felted wool is that it doesn't unravel when it is cut. The dog wasn't too sure at first but later was running around the yard as usual. Gizz is Adam's dog but resides at our house----which is ok since he and Tipp (our border collie) keep each other company. Will post a picture of Tipp later.
Pretty sad when the dog gets more blog than the family!!!

A few photos of Christmas at our house. This is Nathan, age 8. Mikey was taking some of these photos.

Alexandra .

Jess and Cat.

Mikey doing a self portrait.

The end of a full Christmas Day-----a casual meal, looks like everyone is bored.

Bille and Mike being the great aunt and uncle.

Do I really have to eat this ham? It's Christmas!

The Christmas tree a few days before Christmas---------where are the presents? Oh that's right, Santa hasn't come yet.

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