Sunday, December 30, 2007

We had a "linger longer" after church today----time to visit and share some goodies. They were taking family photos to put on the bulletin board. We haven't had our photo up this past year. I was determined to have our photo so people would know I have a husband, one that even goes to church. Reed has a responsibility for one of the Spanish speaking branches in our stake and attends the Spanish Branch more than he does our ward. In fact he didn't go to church with me but made it back in time for the "linger longer".


Alynda said...

Nice looking pair! When did our hair get white? It's nice to keep in touch.

Harris Family said...

What a great picture Mom.
And yep, I finally got to see it!!
Love both of you, Cara

Michelle Nielsen said...

I found your blog. It's so fun to see all the pictures of your grandchildren. Good looking bunch! We wish we there in California to see you more often (especially with Bille and Mike there as well). We love you and... keep posting!

Jwill said...

hello grandy's!! jill shane here. i linked here from the kusch's.
its exciting to catch up with so many. cori, brooke, leslie, sara, jyll, my sis and sister-in-laws and many others all keep blogs. although mine becomes very sporadic.
you and your family all look terrific.