Sunday, February 1, 2009

Bille and Me

Last week I spent the day in San Francisco with Bille. We went to an estate sale, had lunch and went to the Palace of Fine Arts and the DeYoung museums. We saw lovely things in all places.
In preparing for the trip I got my camera and the battery charger so I could charge the camera at Bille's and get some great photos. Big surprise when I got to Bille's----she was up----not that, she was, I had the camera and charger but had managed to leave the battery at home. DUH!
So Bille took the pictures. You can see the photos on her blog. I am sure they are more interesting than mine would be. She has a very interesting perspective. There is a photo of a chandelier. It was so huge it was too hard to get a photo of the whole thing. The tear drop crystals were bigger than my hand-----it was beautiful.
Of all the interesting cuisine available in San Francisco, by the time our blood sugar demanded attention we were by a place called "Thai Me Up". We lunched there with a variety of burgers, Thai food and other stuff to choose from. The other "specialty" of the place was their video rentals. Actually my BLT and our side of Thai eggrolls was pretty good.
The best part of the day was the time with Bille. It was fun to hang out and visit.

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The Pett Shop said...

Hi Sister Grandy! I love the pictures of you and your husband on a previous post. So good to see what your family is up to! You were a great seminary teacher and I still remember hanging out at your house for our end of the year party. So much fun!