Sunday, February 1, 2009

Getting Organized

Saturday morning was designated to get the new closest system installed. My job was to empty out the closest so Reed could go to work----see the lower two photos. I got my job done pretty quickly. How hard is it to drag stuff out and throw on the bed? Nine hours later, with one unexpected trip to the hardware store, the unit was installed and looking good.
The next part of the job was mine-----get all that stuff back in the closet. And I did------minus a bag for the DI (a church equivalent for the Good Will), a few things in the spare room closet and the big plastic bin that had old quilts in it. I love going to my closet to get something. Reed thought this new organization would get me ready for church faster----it only makes the clothes easier to find. Doesn't do a thing for my hair and make up. We will have to find something to help with that, maybe a brown bad. Anyway, a big thanks to my dear husband for all his hard work. Maybe next week we can do the closet next to it!

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