Sunday, December 30, 2007

Some how this thing seems to be getting the best of me. The whole blogging idea is fun and can be creative-----that seems to be eluding me. It takes me so much time to do a post that my whole Christmas letter/picture thing has sort of flopped. But keep checking, I am sure I will get photos etc. on here before next Christmas. It doesn't look like too many people have checked my blog----or it is just so boring that no one feels inclined to comment ( or is too nice to make the comments). Now should this sound like I am whinning----I think I am. BUT enough of that.

A little overall news about our family. This year we have added one new grandchild, Devin Elizabeth Pilling, born September 25th. to Wade and Elizabeth. Devin's mom ran a half marathon when she was 5 months pregant-----could that have helped the 45 minute delivery?!? Wade's dental practice seems to be growing to keep up with the growing family.

We have another college grad, Mike Gniewosz, Bille's husband. Mike received his degree in history from BYU Hawaii in April. They decided to stay on and work and play in Hawaii for awhile and will be returning to the mainland January 10th to pursue Mike's MBA-----not sure where yet. After Elizabeth's accomplishment (the 1/2 marathon) Bille decided to give it a try and ran the marathon in Honolulu on December 9th. Check their blog for photos.

Jess and Cat moved to Mountain House, CA in August. It is about 60-70 minutes away. It has improved Jess's commute to work (read that shortened the time) and given them a lot more living space. Nathan is in 2nd grade and Logan started kindergarten in September-----his teacher is also the primary chorister in their ward. They are all happy with the move-----could that have anything to do with grandchild #17 on the way?

Tammie is still in Kansas and her daughter Demetria is 5. I am waiting for some current photos but she must be growing by leaps and bounds since I was directed to send size 7 clothes!!!!

Eddie is in Indianna, and must like it because he hasn't been out this way for a long time. His kids are still in California with their mom. Danny is 14 and Samantha is 16.

Adam has moved into the apartment----this is nice. We are really glad he hasn't moved away too. I am sure he likes it the most since but it is nice to have him close and also his kids. Alex just turned twelve-----pictures to follow, and Mikey is 9 and very much into sports. Actually they are both involved in sports much of the year.

Cara and Doug and kids are still in Logan, Utah. We were fortunate to spend Thanksgiving with them-----before the weather got too cold there! Ariel is a junior and Justin a sophmore, while they are growing up, we are just getting older. When does growing up stop and getting older start?

We are well and happy and so grateful for all of our blessings. Our family and friends make up much of our blessings. We are grateful for the Savior, his birth and life and the gift of eternal life.
Especially we are grateful for the peace this knowledge brings us. As you read this we hope you are experiencing peace and joy and happiness.


Randy and Danielle said...

Don't give up on blogging, I have read your blog and checked it out and I love it! I just started my own blog as well and it is growing on me!! It just takes time and practice to get into the routine of blogging. Have a wonderful New Year!!

MommyCat said...

Hi.....just a note to let ya know that Nate is in 1st grade...Typo?? hehehe

Harris Family said...

I do have a third child!! And by the way he is in 2nd grade. But great job otherwise.
Love ya, Cara