Wednesday, December 19, 2007

6a.m. yesterday, December 18th----there is no place to go but up!!!!
Well this is how things looked yesterday, December 18th! With Christmas a week away I was feeling a little frazzeled. I had managed to get 20 goody gifts out, and all of the Christmas cards (with a blog address to a blogg with nothing on it) so it is now time to decorate the tree and house. I wondered if it was worth it for just 2 weeks but the Christmas spirit prevailed.

This is how the tree looks today, December 19th----a little better than yesterday. Good thing, Christmas is less than a week away. Not too many presents, that's because most of them went to Utah and Idaho and checks don't take much space.
Who knows when I will get the family photos on here, but keep checking I am getting the hang of it. The Christmas letter info will be here soon also.


pillingfamily said...

yeah!!! you did it. the post i mean. the tree looks great too.

MommyCat said...

The tree looks nice :) You can now check that off your list!

Bille said...

Good job mom, looks great. I am feeling only sort of sad we won't be there, but going to the beach on Christmas won't be too bad.

Alynda said...

I found you from Bille's blog via Jen. I'm glad to see you have joined the kids in blogging. We are going to post our first one this weekend! Love to you and your family.